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Welcome to my home page for my Amateur Radio activities here in the beautiful town of Sultan, WA

If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at rpatton@snolug.org. My station consists of an Icom IC-746, a G5RV 10-80M dipole antenna, an Outbacker Outreach 10-80M vertical (given to me by a CW guru, Frank Pritchett - N7UO), 2 Icom V-8000 2M mobiles, a few HT's and homebrew dipole antennas. I have a few CW keys, but still need to learn CW. I got some homebrew kits that I have yet to build!

Many thanks goes to my Elmer, Frank Pritchett - N7UO who got me motivated to get my Technician license in August 2003. A many thanks also goes to Carroll Swain - W7DU for his mentoring me in the area of Amateur Radio satellite operations on those Field Days from 2003 - 2007! Back then for Field Day, I used a PC with Slackware Linux and a program called Predict to make sure we were ready for those satellite passes!

Field Day 2014 info:

I will be active this year for Field Day operating in class 1E from the house. I will be attempting a satellite contact this year. My HF rig, an Icom IC-746 and other station accessories will be powered by a gas generator. I will be using the Outbacker Outreach and the G5RV 10-80M dipole antennas with the Icom 746. I hope to have a 6M dipole built in time for Field Day too!

For those wanting to visit: Talk-in freq is 146.55 simplex with an alternate freq of 146.565 simplex!

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